Attractions around Zagreb

Zagreb it self offers many attractions and there are more in Croatia. the most beatiful is the Adriatic coast, but there some more closer to Zagreb.

Rural country wine testing

Croatia has many wine yards surrounding city of Zagreb. Tasting and buying local wines is a great attraction for those who like to travel to the country and rural neighborhood.

Croatian wineyard next to Zagreb

Andautonia Archaeological Park

Near the village of Scitarjevo, close to Zagreb, are the remains of the ancient Roman town of Andautonia which have been excavated and provide a fascinating tourist attraction. Archaeologists are still excavating the site, but visitors can view a 26,910 square foot (2,500 sq m) area of the Roman City including parts of the main street, city baths, colonnades and side streets. Tourists can also visit the present-day village of Scitarjevo, which offers examples of typical rural farms with their characteristic wooden houses.

Andautonia - ancient Roman city archaelogical park

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